Chemwash History

Chemwash Cleaning Limited was formed in September 1981 as a franchise operation to market and apply a new low pressure cleaning technique using non-poisonous and non-toxic detergents to do all the `hard work', instead of high pressure water blasting, which was the norm in those days (and is still used extensively today by many other cleaning companies).

CHEMWASH™ is 100% owned in New Zealand and was the first company in this country to use the feature of detergents, low pressure and a then unique fan washing procedure.

The detergents were developed for us by a leading industrial chemist, whose brief it was to develop a detergent that was totally safe to use around buildings and houses and in the presence of the public, but was very effective in the selective killing of Mould, Lichen, Moss spores as well as lifting and cleaning away dirt and grime - but which would not harm other vegetation, people, pets etc. This he did, and that was basically the start of our Chemical Washing process.

Our company has continued to research and develop new detergents, especially for these days where the public demand, quite rightly, is for environmentally safe products.

All of our detergents that are used in Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Industrial situations are safe, break down easily and most are MAF approved. In 1988, the then franchise holders in the company bought out the franchise and formed a cooperative of the owner-operators, which is now known as Chemwash Cleaning Systems Limited (1988).

There are now over thirty in most regions of New Zealand, headed by our professional national manager.