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Will it damage my building or property?

The Chemwash™ process uses a water pressure that is generally much less than the water pressure used by water blasting companies, thus ensuring that there is no possibility of causing damage or leakage through your walls and roof.

In fact the water pressure used is more often much less than the pressure from your own garden tap! 

Will the detergents damage my garden, pets or family?

The detergents we use when treating your exterior property against Mould, Lichen and Moss will not harm your plants, your pets, or you.

The detergents do have properties in them that selectively kill only the above mentioned fungi and fungi spores, but are generally harmless to grasses, plants and general vegetation.

They also have components in them that remove some dirt and grime from your roof (depends on roof type, pitch and environment). 

For a general house wash does it damage my paint work?

No. It will just remove oxidisation and dirt. 

What Guarantees do you have for your work?

All operators are fully trained in the use and mixing of detergents, the safety of the products or chemicals we use.

You are always assured of our best service and a top quality job.

Our workmanship and your satisfaction are fully guaranteed.

Chemwash follow strict Health and Safety Policies. These are supported by a comprehensive health and safety programme and manuals. 

How long have you been in business?

Chemwash has been in business since 1981


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