Low Pressure Cleaning System

The Chemwash Low Pressure system is specialised for exterior cleaning of all exterior surfaces. Houses, buildings, concrete, property etc. Maintenance programmes may include "Spray and Leave" treatment for roofs, concrete clean, house wash for mould & lichen.

What is Low Pressure Cleaning?

Basically, the Chemwash™ cleaning process involves applying our detergents to the surface to be cleaned, and then rinsing off with relatively low water pressure (about 600-1000psi, compared with 2000-5000+psi for a lot of water blasters) and using fan spray nozzles, which eliminate the possibility of damage to the surface being cleaned.

Low pressure washing actually uses a lot less water than do the high-pressure water blasters.


Common Services:

  • House & building washing
  • Painting preparation
  • Concrete, brick, wood & metal cleaning
  • Natural stone, brick cleaning & sealing.



  • KILLS  - Mould, lichen & spores
  • REMOVES  - Dirt, moss and cobwebs 
  • RESTORES  - Paint life & lustre
  • PREPS - A clean surface to help you in preparation for painting
  • GENTLE - Low pressure technology