House & Building exteriors

DIRT ... GRIME ... MOULD ...MESS? Don't damage expensive surfaces around your home with potentially abrasive water blasting. The revolutionary Chemwash system uses specially formulated products to ease away grime, leaving a damage-free, clean & sterile surface.

Your Chemwash professional has a range of products to tackle any cleaning situation, removing unsightly dirt build-up, mould, fungus, lichen, carbon, soot, grease, oil or plain old grime. Our detergents kill mould, fungus & lichen but will not harm vegetation - also safe around children & pets.


House groom

Chemwash safely cleans all types of siding.  Contrary to the common practice of many inexperienced pressure wash contractors, our goal is to clean your house using as little pressure as is possible.  This virtually eliminates concerns of water being forced behind siding, paint being blown off, and water being pushed in around windows and doors.  Instead, we use environmentally responsible detergents to gently emulsify surface pollutants and kill mildew.  Tough spots are scrubbed and then the loosened "dirt" is rinsed off.

Spouting, guttering, fascias & soffits

People are often surprised to see just what is in their spouting and how quickly spouting can become blocked. Often the problem is not detected until water starts overflowing out of the spouting, or worse, overflows back into the house coming out through light fittings and down internal walls. Debris will clog your gutters causing them to hold water, providing a perfect breeding ground for mosquito larva. In most cases, it is sufficient to have spouting professionally maintained every twelve months.



As you obviously care about the maintenance and appearance of your home, why not have your windows professionally (and safely) cleaned at the same time as having your house washed and spoutings maintained.


We also clean:

  • weatherboard
  • brick
  • plaster
  • and more


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Free Advice and no obligation quotation

Your local Chemwash operator is only a call away. We will be happy to supply you with advice or a free, no obligation quotation on any property maintenance matter you may have.