Pre-paint washing

Paint preparation requires special cleaning solutions for various material surfaces. Exterior house, building, machinery, painted concrete floors.


"Paint Prep"

The Chemwash™ process is also ideal in preparation for painting, as it not only cleans the surface which is to be painted, but also leaves that surface sterile by killing all Moss, Mould and Lichen (including the spores which get up into cracks etc.). By using special nozzles and increasing the water pressure a little, we can also remove most loose and chalky paint. We can also remove rust stains which are sometimes seen.

Most paint systems only require a mild degreaser. If lichen or moss & mould growth is present then a treatment will be required to kill the growth and spores.


Pre-Paint Cleaning

Special treatments before applying paint systems to concrete garage floors, decks & fences and colour steels.


Paint Removal

Graffiti & Lead based paint systems are removed safely and enviromentally. Chemwash can provide the solution to meet your requirements.


Before & After Examples


Free Advice and no obligation quotation

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