Roof cleaning

We clean

  • Coloursteel
  • Old clay and concrete tiles
  • Scope Painted iron pre-painting preparation

It is not recommended that any water pressure whatsoever be applied to chip & mastic types, Concrete or Clay tile and Asbestos roofs (it is also illegal to water blast Asbestos type roofing or cladding).


Why is is important to look after your roof?

It is very important to look after your roof, especially the chip & mastic type tiles, as these, above all other types of roofing, are subject to the most damage if fungi is allowed to take hold. The roots of the Lichen can penetrate fairly deeply into the mastic substrate and when the Lichen dies through natural causes, it can take away the chip and mastic from the tile, leaving bare metal patches which will quickly rust, resulting in a very expensive rechipping and repainting job to be done.


About our gentle slow acting deteregents

Due to the deliberate slow action of the detergents used in the treatment of your roof, it may be some time before you notice a difference in the look of your roof. The period before the roof is free of fungi is variable, but can be anything from three months to little over a year. This depends on the condition of the roof, how exposed to the elements it is, how much vegetation is shading the roof, etc. This is also true for treatment of asphalt surfaces


Our Guarantee

We guarantee, in writing, that our process will and does work, although on the rare occasion (especially where the fungi infestation is severe), a spot treatment may be required after about a year or so. If the spot treatment is required, this is done at no cost to you.

As part of the ongoing maintenance of your, roof, it is recommended that we return after about three to four years to inspect the roof, and in consultation with you, retreat the roof. There is a charge for the maintenance treatment. Please give us a call when you would like a free inspection of your roof.


Before & After Examples


Free Advice and no obligation quotation

Your local Chemwash operator is only a call away. We will be happy to supply you with advice or a free, no obligation quotation on any property maintenance matter you may have.